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Are you looking for Free Web 2.0 Sites List 2021 for Boosting your SEO Rankings? here We are Providing Top 60+ Web 2.0 Sites for Creating Free Blogs and Natural Backlinks to your Site.

What is Web 2.0 Sites? Know Some Important Points!


The Second Generation of websites, also known as web 2.0 websites, feature dynamic pages. Web 2.0 is actually just a stage wherein entry methods publishing your content on this platform. Simply, Web 2.0 can be a search engine optimization technique in that people publish articles associated with our internet site with all the traffic-filled within. All these Web 2.0 websites are essentially CMS (Content Management Systems) that permit the users to edit and publish the Content with their back end Platform.

Web 2.0 sites for SEO are a very effective strategy used by webmasters in 2021. There are many SEO Offpage techniques but, These web 2.0 are very strong & best practice for taking any website or blogs to the top level in the search engine results.

Some of the most popular web 2.0 submission sites are WordPress, Blogger, Weebly & Wix, etc. So With the help of Web 2.0 sites, we can post small or large articles, posts, videos, and images to create High-quality Do-follow backlinks.

Initially, there is Web 1.0 Sites exist. In web 1.0 websites, there are only static internet pages with limited features for webmasters. So There was no way to interact for users with posts & pages for comments and any feedback. Because of these limited Features in web 1.0 sites, Later Web 2.0 websites are introduced on the internet.

Benefits/Advantages of Web 2.0 Sites in 2021:

Because of the Many features in web 2.0 sites, there are many benefits from web 2.0 submission.

1. Sources of Quality Backlinks for SEO

Most of these web 2.0 sites allow you to put the URL in your content, which will help you to get quality backlinks to your site. Maximum backlinks from these web 2.0 are Do-follow backlinks. as we all know Do-follow backlinks are very important to Improve Rankings on Major Search engines.

2. Easy to Use / Easy to Setup your web 2.0 site

First, you need to register with your details, then You will log in using your Login ID and Password. Because of the Dynamic features in web 2.0, You can easily write & post any type of content with images, text & videos etc. If you need you can also edit the content that you have already published.

3. Free sharing Platform

You can publish any kind of content on these web 2.0 websites without paying any amount. so that Anyone can use at absolutely no cost.


How to Start with these Web 2.0 Sites Submission?

Initially, You need some basic details about these sites to get started. Check out the below steps,

Step 1- Choose the Better site with the high DA (Domain Authority) for better Ranking.

Step 2- Next, Need to create an account with a user name & Password. Be careful while using these sites to avoid spam activities like making multiple accounts for a single website URL. If you do so, definitely you will be penalized for it. So don’t violate the rules & regulations of their policies.

Step 3- Select a keyword-based domain name for easy ranking & better SEO Results.

Step 4- You must Create All Mandatory pages such as About us, Contact us, Privacy policy & Disclaimer etc.

Step 5- If you want good results, you should post the articles with SEO-friendly, Like URL structure, keyword Density, Images with Alt Tags, Inbound & Outbound Links etc. Keep in mind that Content is king for SEO, So post Unique Articles with detailed Information. Make sure you use Rich media content such as images, videos and infographics etc, for a better Audience Experience.

Step 6- The very important thing is that don’t Add your main website Links immediately after creating the web 2.0 sites, first you should publish few posts then slowly start natural linking to your main site. Start making backlinks to your site.


1 https://socialbuzz.digital/ Sponsored
2 sites.google.com 100
3 https://www.blogger.com/ 100
4 https://wordpress.com/ 94
5 https://www.wix.com/ 93
6 https://www.weebly.com/ 92
7 https://us.webnode.com/ 84
8 https://www.livejournal.com/ 95
9 https://www.tumblr.com/ 100
10 https://medium.com/ 94
11 https://evernote.com/ 92
12 https://wn.com/ 92
13 http://www.wikidot.com/ 93
14 https://www.instructables.com/ 92
15 https://www.webs.com/ 92
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