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Search Engine Submission Sites List 2021 {Updated}

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search engine submission sites

Are you looking for Top Search engine submission sites 2021? So here you can get best Search engine submissions sites for fast indexing your site.

How to do these Search Engine Submissions?

You can do search engine submissions in very simple steps as follows below,

  1. first, you need to create an account in their webmaster tools (Google, Bing etc,).
  2. next, you need to authorize the ownership of your website/domain (Ex: add some Piece of HTML code into your website or add XML code into your website root directory which is given by search engines).
  3. After verification, Finally, you can submit your website to Search Engines.

Here is the List of Top Search engine Submission Sites, for fast indexing of your websites on search engines.

Search Engine Submission Sites List

S.NO Search Engine Submission Sites DOMAIN AUTHORITY
1 https://www.google.com/ 100
2 https://www.bing.com/ 95
3 https://www.baidu.com/ 95
4 https://yahoo.com 91
5 https://www.ask.com/ 91
6 https://www.aol.com/ 93
7 https://yandex.com/ 86
8 https://duckduckgo.com/ 89
9 https://www.wolframalpha.com/ 86
10 https://archive.org/ 94
11 https://www.dogpile.com/ 87
12 http://www.infospace.com/ 76
13 https://www.qwant.com/ 67
14 http://www.yippy.com/ 58
15 https://www.alhea.com/ 42
16 https://www.searchencrypt.com/ 40
17 https://www.webopedia.com/ 80
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