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50+ Affiliate Marketing Sites List – Make $1,000+ per Month

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Affiliate Marketing Sites

What is an Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a referral system in which an online merchant rewards you a commission if users buy their product from your referral link that you shared.

In Affiliate marketing, you can only earn a commission or percentage if that the user meets some rules like a user must take action (i.e., buy their product or Register/signup for their Services).

The Commissions or Payments work based on CPL (cost-per-lead) or CPA (cost-per-acquisition). Compared to Google AdSense or other types of ad networks, affiliate programs have much higher commissions to their publishers.

Here you can find 3 steps to follow-

First step:

The First part of affiliate marketing is registering an affiliate network. And this is where you find products you can sell or link to make Commissions from those.

Second step:

The second step is required to find a product. A specific product that you can sell on the internet that you can make money with. So, that’s going to be our second thing.

Third Step:

The third thing is that we’re going to actually go out there and sell it. Now, if you are a serious action taker, I recommend going through all these steps in this article, and actually, you can start earning your first commissions right now.

The one affiliate network that I liked most is Clickbank. Even though there are a lot of affiliate networks available but Clickbank is the most trustworthy and one of the finest Affiliate network around the globe. Actually, It’s been working around for 21 years.

Clickbank is based in Boise, Idaho. And this is the network that I made my first commissions on. And it’s also been the affiliate network that I currently make most of my money with this.

In the Clickbank Affiliate network, we’ll see all of the products that we can sell based on commission-only. There is over (4500) Four thousand five hundred products available in the Clickbank marketplace. So, this gives you a lot of options for what do you want to sell. There’s a lot of money to be made selling these different products. Now, to find something you resonate with, you want to choose what I recommend, I personally sell business opportunity type products.

Ways to get Traffic to your link?

1. Social Media Channels

Do you communicate with anybody digitally? My guess is yes, you do. You probably use text messages or emails. That’s a way you could reach people. But We can also contact a number of potential people by Making Comments on Social Media Channels like Instagram, Facebook, and even on Youtube.

2. Write Emails (To Friends):

You could send an email to people whose emails you have. We could write something like a book recommendation as “I remember you asked me for a book recommendation, and I’m reading a good one right now. I absolutely love it. Check it out.” There we can put our affiliate link. In this way, I wrote a little short personal email to communicate regularly. This would be an excellent way to start your affiliate marketing.

3. Personal Recommendations:

And another way to start affiliate marketing is I could go on my Facebook. I have a lot of people on Facebook who are looking for Online Money Tips and Other Opportunities. So I am going on my personal Facebook Account instead of My Facebook page. Because I want to communicate with people personally for better Conversions.

For Instance, Do you buy things from ads? Probably not. But do you ever buy things, movies, or listen to music based on your friend’s personal recommendations? My guess is, yeah. Again, if we want people to buy from our link, it needs to be somewhat of personal advice. That’s why I’m posting on my personal profile. The other methods of Reach people for getting your link out there are expensive. So, we’re doing this for free.

Some Tips to Enhance Earnings

1. Promote the right products and services

We don’t have restrictions across the expectation of products/services that we are promoting. So we need to make sure that the best products or services from trustworthy corporations.

2. Promote beneficial and worthy products

To become successful in Affiliate Marketing, Firstly You need to focus on useful and valuable products, then only you can easily convince your users.

Most of the successful affiliate marketers approach their targeted users by writing product & video reviews, comparisons with pros and cons, etc.

3. Get Concentrate on your audience

Keep your audience and their interests in mind when choosing the product. In addition, you should make sure that you aren’t just promoting products as they are offering commissions.

If a product is bought by a user that based on your recommendation, and it will not turn out helpful, then they will nevermore believe your references again, so keep this in your mind.

Best Affiliate Marketing Niches 2021

  • Make Money Online
  • Business Tools
  • Software
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Weight loss
  • Fitness
  • Love or Relationship
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Beauty
  • Parenting

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Websites 2021:

Best Affiliate Marketing sites List:

S.NO Affiliate Marketing Sites List Countries
1 portals.aliexpress.com USA
2 affiliate-program.amazon.com USA
3 stmforum.com USA
4 rakutenmarketing.com/affiliate USA
5 www.siteground.co.uk/affiliates USA
6 www.infibeam.com/affiliate India
7 yatra.com/online/yatra-affiliate.html India
8 apple.com/in/itunes/affiliates/ India
9 makemytrip.com/franchisee/ India
10 affiliates.hostingraja.in India
11 affiliate.snapdeal.com India
12 www.hostgator.in/affiliates India
13 affiliate.flipkart.com India
14 www.shopify.in/affiliates India
15 affiliate-program.amazon.in India
16 www.vcommission.com India
17 www.shopclues.com/affiliate.html India
18 www.bigcommerce.com/partners/ India
19 www.bigrock.in/affiliate India
20 www.affiliatefix.com USA/India
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