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Top PINGING Websites List 2020 {Updated}

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Are you Looking for Pinging Websites? Everyone wants their blog/website to be indexed as fast as possible to the search engines. So Here we are sharing the Top free Ping Submission sites List that will be helpful for Superfast Indexing of websites to Search Engines.

What is PINGING:

Pinging is a process of informing our website/blog details to major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo that our website/blog has been updated. hence Pinging Websites are the most powerful and effective method to index website/blog quickly to the search engines.

Ping submission sites are nothing but the websites which allows users to ping their website/ blog by simply entering their blog URL and blog name details on that website.

Pinging is mainly used when you have updated your blog/website then we should inform of your new update to the search engines.

Benefits of Pinging websites:

  • Index a website/blog much faster to the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Sometimes may helpful for getting backlinks also.
  • which will help to drive more traffic to your site.

High PR Ping Submission Sites List:-

1 https://pingler.com 3 Hours ago
2 https://ping.twingly.com/ 3 Hours ago
3 http://www.blo.gs/ping.php 3 Hours ago
4 http://pingomatic.com 3 Hours ago
5 http://ping.in 3 Hours ago
6 https://www.pingmylinks.com/ 3 Hours ago
7 https://www.totalping.com 3 Hours ago
8 http://bulkping.com 3 Hours ago
9 http://www.masspinger.com 3 Hours ago
10 http://pingbomb.com/ 3 Hours ago
11 http://www.pingsitemap.com 3 Hours ago
12 http://useme.org/ 3 Hours ago
13 http://www.pingmyblog.com/ 3 Hours ago
14 http://nimtools.com 3 Hours ago
15 http://pingoat.net 3 Hours ago
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  1. Overall, now I’m clear with what Ping Submission is, how should it be used, the frequency and what is the purpose of it. This is a very traditional way of backlinking your website and I found more informative with clearer picture to backlink my site for free.Moreover, the sites published above were the best Ping Submission lists that too with high DA. It saved me a lot of time where most of the sites linked soon; Once Again Thanks for Great valuable and informative