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Legit Online Jobs from Home Earn more than $1000 Month 2020

Online jobs from home

The Internet is growing day by day, and we are with an ocean of chances on the internet to make money. But establishing a destination and finding the proper path is the aim towards achievement.


I will show you Legit online jobs in which a large number of people are currently reading & also doing part-time or full-time earnings. My blog has taught tens of thousands of people who would like to make a little extra income through online jobs. They are happily making more than $1000 per month from such online jobs.

The only thing needed is hard work and the effort that will provide success to you. When you see our blog, It is possible to start to earn money from the very first day.


Top Legit Online Jobs from Home

This guide has written following long research on the Internet, and also we’ve shared a few of our experiences here. So These methods will enable you to make some decent amount at the close of each month by working part-time.


1. Make Money From Blogging


In Online, There is no better job than blogging. Make money from blogging is one of the best and highly Profitable online jobs from home.

Here are Simple steps to start blogging:

  1. Firstly, choose a niche of your Interested Topic (Ex: Travel, Food, Education, technology blogs, etc.)
  2. Register a Domain name of your niche Related & Choose Reliable Hosting
  3. Write Unique articles and start publishing (Initially 1 article a day is good)
  4. Next, Promote your blog through SEO and Social Media Platforms to get traffic

Once your blog starts receiving traffic from Google, you can make an application for the Google AdSense program, which is the ideal monetization method online.


Via blogging, you can easily earn $500 to $5000 a month. No problem, if you do not get AdSense Approval, there are different ways to make money from blogging.

Other ways to earn money through Blog:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell products or any services
  • Selling Ad Spaces to advertisers


2. Affiliate Marketing


click bank income proof


Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular jobs in online, and I was comfortably earning $1500 each month by promoting numerous affiliate programs.

You get a commission whenever someone makes an action like signing up on a merchant website or purchase something from that site.

Vast numbers of people from all over the world are currently earning thousands of dollars through online affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing means getting affiliate with online retailers like Click bank, V Commission, MaxBounty, Amazon, CJ, etc. and promote their goods.

Affiliate marketing defines a simple method of promoting additional merchandise, and we will be paid a proportion of earnings.

Here it is Top Affiliate Programs

  1. ClickBank
  2. Fiverr Affiliates Program
  3. Amazon Associates
  4. ShareASale
  5. CJ Affiliate
  6. PartnerStack
  7. eBay Partner Network

3. Online Survey Jobs


Paid surveys would be the best online jobs from home who want to earn $500 or more per month. MNC companies wish to understand their customer reviews regarding their services or merchandise. Therefore they seek to conduct paid surveys.

In online, You can find Number of Legit and free paid survey sites. First, you need to Register with Working Email Id and get daily surveys. Generally, You can make $1 to $10 for one complete survey.

Here I have listed the best Legit paid survey sites to earn money. From these survey sites, you can make a regular income.

1. ySense

2. Your Surveys

3. PrizeRebel

4. Opinion World

5. Timebucks

6. SwagBucks

7. InboxDollars

8. Toluna Surveys

9. Surveys2Cash

10. Isurveyworld


4. Online Freelancing Jobs


Freelancing is one of the most trustworthy online jobs for individual people who have skills on any specific subject.

You can easily make around $1000 per month with online freelance jobs. In my case, I have provided All Digital Marketing Services and other Simple works also. If you have Good Experience, It’s Pretty simple to handle Freelancing projects. Moreover, you are the boss on your own.

Currently, we can find hundreds of freelance jobs, like data entry work, Logo design, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Designing, Content Writing, working as a virtual assistant, coding, web development, video editing and many more.

Some of the freelance websites like

  1. Fiverr
  2. UpWork
  3. Freelancer, etc.


5. Captcha Entry Online Jobs


Are you looking for best Legit online jobs? Then captcha entry is one of the better options for everyone. We may earn $200 plus per month by doing captcha solving tasks.

Many of the People are earning a decent online income through this online captcha jobs.

  • To start this job, first We need to do register with Working Email Id, then
  • After the registration process, They will provide username and password to login into our Account. Later we will receive captcha entry tasks to earn money.
  • For this captcha entry job, You need to type the text with numbers or select the Appropriate images that are suggested by them and enter submit to complete task.

To earn more income from captcha entry job, Your typing speed should be very fast. Generally, You can make $1 to $3 for solving 1000 captchas.


6. Data Entry Jobs Online

Data Entry jobs are excellent for men and women that wish to work from home. Whether you are a student, a housewife or someone looking for extra income, then a data entry job is most appropriate for you.

You need excellent typing speed (minimum 30 Words Per Minute) and a PC with a good internet connection to start data entry jobs.

You need to join these sites to get tasks for data entry work.


7. Online Jobs by Amazon


Most of the people don’t know that Amazon gives simple online tasks to earn money. We can earn more money via Online Jobs in Amazon.

You can find mTurk, its an Amazon company where you can earn a great income from home to complete a short task.

Amazon mTurk is known as Mechanical Turk. You need to register as a worker and start making some decent money by doing easy jobs.

In this best platform, we can earn a minimum amount of $0.02 to $2 for minimal tasks like sharing something on social media sites, solving a simple captcha & review about thier products or services etc.

Join here


8. Online Tutoring Jobs


Nowadays most of the people are preferred online jobs rather than to do a job in offices, but to find real & Legit Jobs in online is very difficult. For those who are looking for Best Online tutor jobs, Here I am going to give the details about those tutor jobs.

Because of growth in the Internet and technology, we can use many free online platforms like Whatsapp video chat, Skype, Teamviewer, youtube and many more other applications to communicate with anyone in the globe. So it’s pretty straightforward and simple to do this online tutor job.

Here is the list of top online tutor jobs sites:

1) TutorME

2) Vedantu:

3) https://www.tutor.com

4) https://tutorhub.com

5) https://www.skooli.com

6) http://www.homeworktutoring.com

7) http://www.aim4a.com/tutors.php

8) Tutor Vista


9. Earn Money on Fiverr.com


fiverr website


Fiverr is an excellent platform for people who are looking to make some additional part time income. In Fiverr we can also buy some online services at very cheap rates.

If you want to earn money on Fiverr, You need to register as a seller.  In Fiverr, you can find hundreds of online services like Graphics & design, digital marketing services, web development, video & Animation, Music & Audio, etc.

In this Fiverr, You can get Minimum $5 for completing each gig (Task).


10. Online Transcription Jobs


Transcription means to convert raw data from audio & video recordings into text. To start the Transcription online job, You need some specific skills such as typing skills, excellent listening and grammatical skills.

So Transcription jobs include mainly medical, legal, media, entertainment, etc. From these jobs, we can earn $25k to $100k per annum. Although online transcription is not for all, it can be a great addition to your income.

Here it is the list of online transcription jobs

  1. https://scribie.com
  2. https://www.gmrtranscription.com
  3. https://www.htsteno.com
  4. http://www.accutranglobal.com
  5. https://ctran.com
  6. http://crowdsurfwork.com
  7. https://e-typist.com


11. Get Paid to Click Ads:


This Paid to Click Ads are mainly suited for Beginners as it’s free to join & need fewer skills to do this job.

Every business wants advertisements for Branding in the market about their products or services, so for this, they will be ready to spend countless dollars on advertising and marketing.

Because of this promoting ideology, the paid to click Ads method has started. the PTC websites behave like an agent between potential visitors(who are looking to earn money by clicking ads) and Advertisers (who want to promote their business).

To earn money in these PTC sites, you need to register a free account with working Email Address after registration is done, then login at least twice a day to check all available ads.

Here You can earn between $0.005 to $0.1 based on the length of ads and your Geographical Location. If you are from Tier 1 Countries (USA, Canada, Australia & UK etc.), you will get more ads with high CPC rates.

Top 6 PTC Sites here:

1. ClixSense (now ySense)

2. PrizeRebel

3. NeoBux

4. InboxDollar

5. https://www.paidverts.com

6. https://pt.beruby.com/


12. Get Paid in Swagbucks


Swagbucks is the best website that pays with real cash for doing some simple tasks such as searching on the network, complete some simple surveys & answering ballots, etc.

If you are looking for legitimate online jobs from home, then you can work with Swagbucks without any doubt and thinking.

To work with Swagbucks, you need to register with the real and working email address. To earn more income, Refer to other people and get a 10% commission from their profits for the lifetime.

Join here



13. Micro Jobs


Do you know that Millions of people are working on Micro jobs to Earn some Additional Monthly Income from Home.

What is Micro Jobs?

Micro Jobs can be defined as very small jobs that usually take a few minutes to complete the tasks.

So in online, you can find a number of micro job sites which are best to get real money.


Types of Works in Micro Job Sites?

Let see on the Micro worker’s website, we can find very simple tasks such as like and a comment youtube video, like some events in social media pages, do vote for some events online, search & find something online, etc.


How will you get paid?

You will be paid between 0.10$ to 2$ for every completed task. All these payments will be sent via payment processors such as PayPal, Skrill, and Local Bank Transfer, etc.

I would strongly recommend working in Microworkers, Clickworkers & MTurk from Amazon.


Sign up for

  1. Micro workers
  2. Clickworkers
  3. Mturk