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120+ Free Article Submission Sites with Instant Approval

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Free Article Submission Sites with instant approval are one of the best technique for Improving the Ranking of a website. As a result of these Article Submission, will lead to increase the website presence & Rankings on Search engines.

with these high DA Article submission Sites, we can also get high-quality permanent Backlinks. backlinks are still playing the major role in Search engine optimization process.

Why Article Submissions:

  • first of all, We can get high-quality permanent backlinks.
  • We can also get more website traffic.
  • Can Improve website Domain Authority (DA) and Alexa Ranking
  • Enhancing the Search Engines Ranking.

Above all are the main Advantages of free Article Submission sites. So, therefore, here I’m providing the Complete List of High PR Article Submission Sites for getting high-quality Backlinks for your website.


Article Submission Sites

Domain Authority

Last Updated

1 https://www.tumblr.com 100 3 Hours Ago
2 https://dzone.com/ 83 3 Hours Ago
3 https://hubpages.com/ 85 3 Hours Ago
4 https://www.ehow.com/ 91 3 Hours Ago
5 https://www.nbcnews.com/ 92 3 Hours Ago
6 https://evernote.com/ 92 3 Hours Ago
7 http://ezinearticles.com/ 91 3 Hours Ago
8 http://www.amazines.com/ 71 3 Hours Ago
9 http://www.zimbio.com/ 91 3 Hours Ago
10 www.bharatbhasha.com/ 45 3 Hours Ago
11 www.wattpad.com/ 91 3 Hours Ago
12 www.judysbook.com/ 62 3 Hours Ago
13 www.livejournal.com/ 93 3 Hours Ago
14 https://www.articlecity.com/ 65 3 Hours Ago
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